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Q: How do you insure your home that is not lived in?
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I bought a house and want to insure it My granddaughter wants to live in it Why can't I get insurance for it as if I were living there and what if no one lived there or we use it as a vacation home?

Because you will have no interest in her contents(personal belongings)! You can insure it as a vacation home as long as it is occupied with your personal contents.

Can you insure cash you keep in your home?


If you lived in Bridgeport ct can you insure your car in Stamford ct?

I don't see why not

Can you insure a Baldwin organ on your home insurance policy?

You can insure a Baldwin Organ if it holds value to your home in your home insurance policy. You have to make sure that the policy covers not only that, but other valuables within your home.

What was the role of the federal administration?

To insure home loans

Can you insure an unoccupied home?

Many people live in two homes throughout the year, such as those who have a summer home, for example. There are a wide variety of insurance companies that will insure the second home, even when it is unoccupied.

What was the role of the federal housing administration?

To insure home loans

Can you insure a home that you don't own?

If you rent it you can get renters INS

Was the role of the federal housing administration?

To insure home loans

Who insures car titled in some elses name?

You must have a financial (insurable) interest in a car in order to insure it. It works the same way with home insurance. You must own the home in order to insure it. Thus, whoever owns the car and has the title is the only person who can insure it.

Have you ever lived in a modular home?

Yes I have lived in a modular home

If you own two homes in different states and keep a car at each home in which state do you license and insure the cars?

You will insure the cars based on where they are driven the most. If you drive more in one state, insure the car there.