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A community is group of individuals and everyone depended on each other for their needs. Our families, villages, cities, states, countries are all good example of community. If we hear any bad or good news about country. Then we react upset or happy. So that If any individual health is not well then it affect his/her family and family affect their villages.

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Q: How do you health affect the health community?
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What are factors that affect health community?

factor which affect health status of local community

How does living in a gated community affect mental health?


Which os the best definition of environment as it relates to health?

all parts of the community that affect the people who live there

What is different between public health and community health?

Public health protects the health of everyone, and community health protects the health of everyone in a particular community

What is concept of community health?

what is the definition of community health ???

Who is responsible for the health of the community?

Usually the Health Department or the Ministry of Health is responsible for maintaining the health of the community in general and for intervening when a community health problem arises.

What is the relationship between personal health and community health?

health is wealth. the individual of a community suppose to be the root of the community at large

How political aspect affect community health?

Politics can have a big effect on the health of communities. Legislation can be passed that determines which people are able to receive medical care and which people are not. This is especially true of legislation that affects the poor.

What kinds of public health focuses on one community?

Community health

What kind of public health focuses one community?

Community health

Discuss and differentiate the focus role and functions of public health nursing community health nursing and home health nursing?

Public health protects the health of everyone, and community health protects the health of everyone in a particular community.

What is health analysis and community health?

A community health assessment, also known as community health needs assessment, refers to a state, tribal, local, or territorial health assessment that identifies key health needs and issues through systematic, comprehensive data collection and analysis.