How do you get to the pumpkin patch on adventure quest?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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You cannot get to the Pumpkin patch in Adventure Quest at this time. The pumpkin patch is part of the Mogloween festival which only occurs during the week of Halloween. When Mogloween is active you travel to the Mogloween realm to participate.

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Q: How do you get to the pumpkin patch on adventure quest?
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How to get pumpkin patch spell on adventure quest?

you cant anymore its rare now

Where is the pumpkin mask in the pumpkin patch in poptropica's great pumpkin?

The mask you need is on a scarecrow after you complete Snoopy's Flying Ace adventure. There is no mask in the pumpkin patch. You can create a costumizer version (which does not help on the quest) by pressing the three keys Ctrl+Shift+P, and the same to take it off.

How do you get the pumpkin sword in adventure quest worlds?

Not avalabile anymore

Where do you get the pumpkin lord armor from in Adventure quest worlds?

do his quests

How do you get pumpkin lord armour on adventure quest worlds?

You have to kill the Pumpkin King which is only available during Mogloween.

How do you find pumpkin patch in dragonfable?

The pumpkin patch is at Amityvale. Simiply press on the dragon amulet (on the bottom of the screen) and press quest log. It should be near the middle, and click "Amityvale"

Who are pumpkin patch customers?

anybody who goes to a pumpkin patch and does not work there or there to visit the people who work at the pumpkin patch.

What is Pumpkin Patch's population?

Pumpkin Patch's population is 3,000.

When was Pumpkin Patch created?

Pumpkin Patch was created in 1990.

Where can someone purchase a Pumpkin Patch Baby?

The Pumpkin Patch Doll does not exist. However there is a Cabbage Patch Kid doll which can be purchased at various toy stores as well as online toy stores.

Where do you go after the pumpkin patch on great pumpkin island?

The pumpkin patch is both the first and last point on the island quest. You go there initially to see Linus, and return a pumpkin to Linus and Lucy's house. From there you swap Linus's bag for a lemon sucker, and swap that for an invitation to the party, before going left into Charlie Brown's backyard.

Where is the pumpkin patch on great pumpkin island?

The pumpkin patch is to the right on Great Pumpkin Island. It was the only area shown in the island preview.