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complete the fishing game

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Q: How do you get the master of evil in adventure quest?
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How do you become evil in the original adventure quest?

I THINK you have to master the evil armours like necromancer, doom knight ETC....

In adventure quest worlds how do you get evil ranks for the shop?

u can gain evil ranks by doing evil reputation quest. go to shadowfall

What are the release dates for Broken Quest - 2013 The Adventure Master - 1.7?

Broken Quest - 2013 The Adventure Master - 1.7 was released on: USA: 29 August 2013

Can you change to evil to good on adventure quest?

Change it Again and again you will be good or evil ^^

How do you get the class called evil in adventure quest?

its not a class.its a reputation.

In Mech quest who is master twang?

Twig from adventure quest... dah noob well i knew that i got an adventure quest account i needed to know if he had skills

In adventure quest worlds how do you get the evil armor?

I'm guessing the evil shop at shadow fall

How do you go the shadow fall in adventure quest worlds?

become evil

Where do you get a deadly axe of chaos in adventure quest worlds?

at the evil shop

In adventure quest worlds can you still do the chaos forest quest if your evil?

I'm not sure. i might be evil but i think I'm good. i forgot what i picked

When will they let you choose between good and evil in adventure quest worlds?


Where is the new evil shop in adventure quest worlds?

gravelyn (crashed city)