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When you convince Hercules he smashes the lock for you

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Q: How do you get the key for the gate in Mythology Island?
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How do you find the key to the gate on mythology island poptropica?

There is no key when you get Hercules he brakes the lock

Where is the key to the gate on mythology island on Poptropica?

The key to the gate on Mythology Island in Poptropica is located inside the Tree of Immortality, which is found in the Grove of Temples. You need to solve puzzles and defeat enemies to reach the Tree and obtain the key.

How do you open the gate in mythology island?

You have to get Hercules to open it.

Where is the key to mount Olympus on Mythology Island?

There is no key. After Zeus has the 5 sacred items, Hercules will help you go to see Poseidon and Hades, and then he will smash open the padlock on the gate.

How does herc open the gate on Mythology Island?

hes a god

How do you get in the gate without Hercules in mythology island on Poptropica?

You can't without him.

What do you do when you pass the gate on Mythology Island?

After you pass the gates you will have to battle Zeus and after that you will win the island medallion from his daughter.

What do you spend your drachma on Mythology Island?

you spend it on a air balloon once you get past the gate

How do you get into the gate in Mythology Island?

You don't get in until you have collected all of the five sacred items. After that Hercules is convinced to help you and he smashes the gate open.

How do you find the key to the gate on myhology island poptropica?

it is at the lightning door

How do you beat the snake thing in mythology island?

you click on the snake with red eyes 3 times and the gate will open

What should happen after you solved the bone riddle on mythology island?

gate should open next to riddle if the answer is right the answer is TEN