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you go to guadian tower and click anti guardian u fight monsters and at end u get dragon blade non guardian powerful

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Q: How do you get the fusion dragonblade in adventure quest?
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The DragonSlayer Blade was released Monday Feb 2nd... To get it , go to DragonStone , talk to Galanoth and choose "Quest for the Dragon Blade." Good luck... This challenge is EXTREMELY hard. -Bloodveld WolfWing III edited by assassintor yer but i did it lots of times and at the end i always meet twilly and twilly will say blah blah blah which doent give me dragonblade -Conaneve1/KaymonXD I have gotten the DragonBlade there, but no DragonSlayerBlade... Plus... The DragonBlade isn't the DragonSlayer

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... NO

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on the adventure quest worlds wiki

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You Must Have Upgrade Adventure Quest

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