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To get shinegreymon burst mode you must DNA Digivolve shinegreymon with galletmon (Galletmon is one of the royal knites) or you could DNA Digivolve shinegreymon with another Digimon i forgot (that info is if you dont have dawn) The conditions are lvl 66+dragon exp past or at 40,000 and holy at something

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Q: How do you get shinegreymon burst mode?
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In Digimon what is the last evolution of risegreymon?

Probably SHINEGREYMON, but if you want to go further there is the Burst Mode and Ruin Mode of ShineGreymon.

List of all burst mode digimon and how to get them?

i dont understand what you mean but the burst modes are Shinegreymon MirageGaogamon(hes my fave) Rosemon Ravemon and Bancholeomon

Who would win in a fight Marcus' agumon or tai's?

Even though I like Tai better than Marcus, I'm not going to be a fanboy and say Tai wins like most people do. When you think about it logically Tai's Agumon can only digivovle up to it's mega level, which is WarGreymon. Marcus' Agumon can digivolve into it's mega level, ShineGreymon, as well; but Marcus' Agumon doesn't stop at it's mega level. Marcus' digivice lets him activate his ShineGreymon's Burst Mode, which lets him increase ShineGreymon's strength by twice as much and achieve power greater than mega level and become ShineGreymon Burst Mode. So by achieving strength greater than mega level, ShineGreymon Burst Mode would beat Tai's WarGreymon.

ShineGreymon from Digimon Savers no burst mode vs Wargreymon from Digimon Adventure?

Shine Greymon could still use the abilities that Masaru can give him from the Burst Digivice. That is, the Geogrey Sword. Plus, War Greymon was shown being beat down a few times anyway.

How do you get shine greymon burst mode on Digimon World Dusk?

You must DNA Digiviolve shinegreymon and galletmon.But you cant get it unless you befriended shinegreymon RM to get him you must DNA Digivolve shinegreymon and darkdramon.There levels have to be past 66 and some other conditions i dont know........Sooooooo.....Yeah.....Good luck with that.

Where can you got a burst mode Digimon list?

you can find all of the burst mode digimon here:

What is Frame burst mode?

Ruin mode

What is burst mode in camera?

BUrst mode is when your camera take numerous photos at one time its also known as multishots on some cameras

Is a m16 a 2 shot burst?

No. The current M16A2 and A4 have a three shot burst mode. The M16 and M16A1 had a full-automatic mode.

How big is shinegreymon?


How do you get sleipmon burst mode?

Noting is not in a DS game

Does dbz burst limit have a story mode?

Yeah it does.