How do you get rid of this headace?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Take aspirin or Tylenol or any pain killer you can tolerate. Rub the back of your neck or massage your temples. If it is caused by a sensitivity to odors (perfume) you have to get out of the area and maybe take a shower and wash your hair.

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Q: How do you get rid of this headace?
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How do you get headaces?

some headace's are caused by tension and some are tiredderd by light or sound and sometimes it can be a medical reason you have headace's if you have constant headace's talk to your doctor

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Yes, Pancake will reduce the headace a lot of a bit. It is a proven fact that the fix is good for you.

Can contact lenses make you have a headace?

Yes can cause a headache!!

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Some people can have headaches that last for days.

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It's certainly possible. Staring at the small screen for long periods can bring on a headache.

What could be the hazards of getting perfume into your eyes?

You could be blinded or it could cause headace problems or brain damage

What were the treatments for headaches in the Tudor times?

Most treatments in Tudor England were bleedings. A backache meant a bleeding from the back, so a headace meant a bleeding from the head or the general area. It was believed aches were caused by bad bile in the body and that bleeding helped to rid the body of this bile.

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vomiting and slso vomiting blood fever jaundice headace coma delliruim red eyes face and tounge seziures Arrhythmias, bleeding hemmrouge decreased urination