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Q: How do you get rid of man breasts in men over 60 years old?
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If men had breasts would they be classified as gay or bisexual for enjoying women's breasts?

Breasts don't make a woman. Some women are flat chested. The men who love them aren't gay. Also, if men had breasts, they would be men's breasts. So a man attracted to men's breasts would be gay.

Why do men have man breasts?

There are two different types of man boobs or 'moobs'. One reason is that they have an overproduction of the female hormone in the body called 'oestrogen'. The other reason is that they are a little over weight. Breasts are essentially just fat stores. But they are not actually breasts.

Why do men get breast?

Men get breasts because they are fat and eat to much

Should a man get breasts?

Yes, it is possible, but rarely big boobs for fat men.

What are moobs?

Moobs are slang for man "boobs" or breasts commonly seen in obese men.

Can men grow breast are the effects perment?

* Yes, if a man wants to look like a woman then a specialist in that field will give hormones to help the man grow breasts. However, there are some conditions where a straight man can grow breasts and also some medications can make a straight man grow breasts.

What is the condition called for men with large breasts?

the condition man boobs is called: genecomastia

Do men like breasts or the sight of a vagina more?

they like to "play" the vagina, of course, but to get a man to have a boner they would like breasts more. To seduce the man allow him to lick and suck your breasts and finger your vagina and suck his penis to lead to sex.

What is a free man from Athens who can vote?

A free man in athens is a man that is over 18 years old and was born in athens. Unfortunately, free men were the only things that were considered free men at that time

Who is the oldest in the x-men?

Greymalkin was the oldest X-Man, born over 200 years ago.

Difference between man breasts and she-male breasts?

Women tend to have tissue that builds up the breast, but men do also have tissue but have only 10% of tissue

How do men have breasts?

* technically none, because a woman has a breast for feeding their child. but sometimes the weight and fat over laps on a man forming a breast like structure * Yes, technically they are called breast but, men do not obtain milk in them.