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Four things may help, papaya, fresh pineapple, licorice and digestive enzyme supplements. Not knowing your diet, processed foods, sugars and vegetable oils and junk foods can and do cause many problems.

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Q: How do you get rid of a stomach ache you have had for 3 days?
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Stomach ache for 3 days or pregnancy?

I'd rather have the stomach ache. Kids last for years and years.

How do get rid of a rash on your stomach in 3 days?

Urine works in 1 hour

Can moldy juice kill you?

yes it can if you leave a glass of juice for more than 3 days it will give you bad stomach ache and you will die as your body cant fight the mold

What happens if you take ibuprofen after drinking 3 beers?

You may get a stomach ache. Try not to take meds with alcohol.

Can Cymbalta and Tylenol 3 be taken together?

to take anything with tylenol3 would be foolhardy unless you are looking for a terrific stomach ache!

If you have a stomach ache that is not going away should you go to school?

And if it continues for more than 3 to 7 days without going away or it goes away and comes back soon after I recomend you going to the doctors office and see what your doctor says to do.

How long does the arm ache for after having the swine flu jab?

It hurted for about 3 days for me. But it edventually went away

What is the Life span of a stomach lining cell?

two days

What signs tell you that you are about to throw up?

1. dizzyness 2. your mouth starts to water uncontrolably like you have to spit it out 3. youll sweat 4. obviously a stomach ache. But sometimes when you think you have to throw up cause of a stomach ache, it could be you need to take a #2 or you gotta pass gas.

How frequently does the human stomach produce a new lining?

Every 3 days.

What is the Problems of Familial Mediterranean Fever?

We couldn't find "My kid 3 year old she is having a fever and stomach ache every 10-12 day past 2 month.What can be that ?"!

How do you get a daby at harvest moon ds?

After you get married keep your wife's heart on heart for 2-3 seasons. After that she should wake up with a stomach ache and you two will go to the doctors and be told she is pregnant.