How do you get pre-cum?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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If you haven't hit puberty just jack off like you were trying to ejaculate, then you would have "seminal fluid" instead of sperm. If you have already hit puberty, then you can't.

If you have reached puberty and can ejaculate you already have pre-ejaculate. You don't feel it but it's about a drop or 2 that comes out and is used as lubrication. it also contains sperm and can get someone pregnant.

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Q: How do you get pre-cum?
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Is urination during precum dangerous?


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Your husband always pulls out can you still get pregnant?

ya you can its called precum

Can I get pregnant from pre-ejaculation fluid?

Hello, No doubt, the answer of your question is yes. You can get pregnant with precum, that is pre-ejaculation fluid that comes from the male genital organ during coitus. Precum is itself a part of sperm, so it can get a girl pregnant. Protections are used by couples, but protections are not always safe. So, before coitus, you should always have knowledge about the precum. Some women said that, he pulled out that time or released on my thighs or stomach, but the thing is, you can also get pregnant by doing this, because precum is there. So, always be careful about it.

Is it normal to precome during passionate kissing but still being flaccid?

I'd say yes. It's not really a precum but the lubricant that helps the semen slide without friction during ejaculation. Some people call it precum but it contains no semen at all... only lube. =)

Can a girl get pregnant by just a half a finger tip of pre come?

No. A woman/girl can not get pregnant from any amount of precum. The area of the mans body that produces precum has nothing to do with the testicles that release actually sperm. The only way you could get pregnant from precum is if you have sex more then one time and he does not urinate between those times. Urinating will sterilize and clean out the inside of the penis and any sperm left in the penis will be eliminated. It's all scientific and it works.

Can you get pregnant if the guy pulls out and there is no pre-ejaculate around you?

during intercourse a man excretes 'precum'. This is simply the prerequisite of a mans ejaculation of his sperm into a womans vagina. The precum does have sperm and you can most definitely get pregnant from even small amounts of sperm. It only takes one to win the race!

Can you still get pregnant from pre-ejaculate and if you did would the baby come out like a human and be like the dad?

Precum contains exactly the same type of sperm as ejaculate. So yes you can get pregnant from precum. The baby will be as normal as any baby. Whether it will turn out like Dad is up to God (and DNA!)

Can you get pregnant from quick insertion and removal?

yeah you cpuld be pregnant with this act.......because sperm can be present in the precum,or from previous ejaculation......

How safe is pulling out as contraceptive?

No it is not as safe. One, you could contract an STD. Two, you could get her pregnant from precum that you have no control over.

What are the chances of getting pregnant from 'pre ejaculatory fluid?

* Preseminal fluid is precum and does contain sperm. There is a 2% risk of becomming pregnant.