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Depending on the state you are in, most states have a kind of "auto At Fault" for anyone who rear ends you. Meaning as long as you got their insurance info, and file a claim with your insurance guys, their guys should send an inspector to your house within a day or two to asses the damage and give an estimate for repairs. Just try to remember to let your insurance company handle it and whatever you do don't talk to the other person in the accident other then to give them your info.

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Q: How do you get paid when your car is rear ended?
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If you rear ended a car and then it rear ended another car and that car hit another car who is at fault for each car?

If you rear end a stopped vehicle, which is pushed into another stopped vehicle and then that into another, you would be responsible for all of the vehicles.

Who is at fault if you get rear ended causing you to hit the wall then another car?

The driver who rear ended you is at fault.

What if an uninsured driver has an accident with your insured car?

i was rear ended frm behind by another car, the car had insurance but the person driving was not listed as a driver, can i still get paid for mu car damages n body injuries

Who's insurance pays when a car is rear ended?

Whoever did the rear ending usually

Car rear ended by another car?

Most of the time the car in the rear will be held accountable for the accident, there are times (albeit few) when this is not the case.

If you made a quick stop due to a pedestrian in a crosswalk at a busy intersection and were rear ended by a second car which was rear ended by a third who is at fault?

If the car that rearended you without being hit by the third car first then the car in the middle is at fault for your damage and the third car is at fault for the damage to the rear end of the middle car. The first car is not at fault for the quick stop.

What happens if you get rear ended and your battery is in the back of your car?

you have to fint a way to get it out

Can being rear ended cause a slow batter drain in a car?


What happens if you rear end someone whose brake lights were not working who is at fault?

the driver that rear ended the car. The person that rear ended will probably get hit with a following too close (if they weren't they would have noticed the other vehicle slow down or stop) and an At Fault Accident and the car that got rear ended would probably get an equipment violation for their brake lights out.

Rear in a sentence?

Taller persons to the rear of the stage, please.

Who is liable in a rear end collision if the car that was rear ended was parked?

As long as the parked vehicle is parked properly and not illegally parked in any manner, then the vehicle that rear-ended the parked car is at fault. Now if the parked car is sitting illegally (such as double parked or parked in a no parking zone, etc.) then the parked car is at fault or even both the parked car AND the car that hits it are BOTH at fault.

Can an accident be covered by 2 insurance companies?

Yes. Say that you were invovled in a 3 (or more) car accident, where one car stopped short, was rear-ended by your car, and then your car was rear-ended by the car behind you. Your insurance company would pay for the back of the car you hit and the front of your car. The insurance of the driver behind you would pay for the back of your car and the front of the car behind you.