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Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to complete WolfQuest to unlock multiplayer. The feature is available immediately after installing the game-- to play, you will need to have registered an account on the community forums in order to login and play with other members of WolfQuest.

(See the provided sources / related links.)

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Q: How do you get multiplayer on wolfquest?
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How do you get multi player mode in Wolfquest?

When you open WolfQuest, you may click on "multiplayer".

Can you go to the Cattle Ranch in multiplayer in WolfQuest?

No, you can't.

Why won't wolfquest save?

in single it will but in multiplayer it won't.

Is there a Australian WolfQuest?

no. wolfquest multiplayer lets you interact with the whole world. it, however, does not work on rainy days.

How do you be mates on wolfquest 2 player?

Mates are not allowed on Multiplayer.

Can you be reported in wolfquest?

Yes, If you are on multiplayer and you are using inappropriate behavior people can report you for it and you may be banned from multiplayer.

Why can't you save your game on wolfquest?

In single player you can but in multiplayer, you can't

Can you be a pup in multiplayer on wolfquest episode 2?

No. You are unable to play the role of a pup in WolfQuest either in single player or mutli-player.

Can you be an expecting she-wolf in WolfQuest Multiplayer?

Sort of. You can pretend you are in RP (Role Play). You can't actually have pups in multiplayer though.

How do you make a multiplayer account in wolfquest?

You must create your own account. See the related links for full details.Once your account has been activated by an administrator, you should have no problems logging on to the multiplayer feature and WolfQuest forum.

How do you make WolfQuest chats?

Chats on Wolf Quest are available in the Multiplayer rooms.

Does anyone play multiplayer on wolfquest?

yes, sometimes theres lots of people online.