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Q: How do you get flat chested for women?
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Do men like flat chested women?

I am 35 and flat chested and every sexy hot guy is still chasing me :)AnswerIt varies from man to man. Mens taste can vary from extremely over sized breasts to flat chested, just like women's taste in mens' features can vary.

How do you become a flat-chested women?

You can't your either born with it or not.

How do you cope without a relationship?

Get a life. Maybe you're just disgusting and nobody likes you. Perhaps your flat chested. Nobody likes flat chested women. *cough* Sarah Kuespert.

Why are some women flat chested?

It depends on your genetics. What one gets is what one gets.

Is Frankie sandford flat chested?


Do you have to be flat chested to ballet dance?


Would guys like a flat chested girl with confidence?

There are many guys that would like a flat chested girl that is confident.

What does it mean if kelsey is flat chested?

she has no boobs.

Is sakura flat chested?

Yes, and so is Tenten

Can flat chested but skinny people pull of bikinis?


Will a man marry a flat chest women?

Yes. I did. There is a lot more to a woman than her chest. Having a flat chest, I was able to hug her closer and feel her heart beat against mine. Awesome feeling:) Women have many features that would attract a man, but do not confuse attraction with love. Love is what keeps men married to flat chested women long after they grow old. Do some observations. There are many men dating or are married to flat chested women. Men are not all pigs or adolescents with raging hormones. Many men are turned off by women who get breast implants to "remedy" a flat chest when they were hot all along without them. The lady in my life brought many more things to our marriage than a large chest. I actually broke up with a woman who was large chested.

Are all women footballers flat chested?

No i don't believe so, but i can understand how having a bigger bust would get in the way in football so that may attract more flat chested girls to participate in football. Given that contact sports select for size and strength, and that strength in women is largely related to testosterone level, it is possible that a higher level might involve smaller breasts.