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Q: How do you get AC'S with using battle bar in AQW?
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How do you get acs in aqw?

You can get adventure coins by going to ballyhoo. Mostly you only get 5 coins a day or none at all. Or you can do surveys.

Does aqw battle bar have viruses?

what is the aq code

How do you get acs by battle bar AQWorlds?

you get 1 ac from every 6 searches

How do you get free acs in aqworlds?

the best way and its legal is to download AQW toolbar which can be found in the AQW website then search 30 searches in the search bar and it will give you 5 AC a day

How many searches on the aqw battle bar does it take before you get an ac coin?

After making 6 searches on the aq worlds battle bar, you get your first coin.

How do you get ACs in AQWorlds with out membership?

There is a couple of ways of getting ACs without getting a membership in AQWorlds... -Ballyhoo (ingame /join ballyhoo) -AExtras (on homepage) -Portalbattleon (use points to get ACs) -Battle bar! (download it and search with it. Do not overuse it by spamming search engine)

How do you uninstall the battle bar in aqw?

just go to program files look for the file and theres an uninstall application

How do you get acs with battlebar in aq worlds?

By seaching on the yahoo what comes with the battle bar. 6 searches is 1 Ac beware you can get 5 max

Is there any ither way to get aq coins in aqw?

you can get ac's from sponsored contests, 3rd party offers, battle bar, or Ballyhoo.

How do you get acs on adventure quest worlds?

There is a few ways to get Acs in aq worlds, even for nonmember's, you can either go to ballyhoo day by day and sometimes you will get 5 adventure coins and some gold, second is to actually buy them (ask your parents and say pretty please!) or you can download a battle bar witch is a Internet search bar designed by aq worlds and for each 8 or 9 searches you get a free AC Ive been using it for a week or so and its already gave me 20 coins (I have been using ballyhoo with this)

How do you get searches for aqw battlebar?

Just search something in the bar

Where is ballyhoo in aqw?

search /join ballyhoo in search bar