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You finish the first wolf quest by completing all three quests. On the first quest, you have to find a mate on single player. You do that by going to each of the wolf territories(pink area on map) and fighting one off. To find a wolf, you have to go on scent view in a territory and follow the yellow dots. When there are a lot of them, you know you have a wolf. After defeating three wolves, go to one of the territories and find a dispersal wolf, opposite to your wolves gender and make it like you. When you have 5 hearts, it will become your mate. To complete the second quest, you need to go to an orange area and hunt an elk. To find the herd in the orange area, you need to go on scent view and follow the trail of light blue to pink dots (light blue if far away pink if close). Your mate will help you hunt, just make sure you hunt a cow, bulls being to hard that it takes a few times to kill it, even in a pack. The third quest is to go on multiplayer and play with other people from the real world. Hope this helps!

you DONT HAVE to defeat the other wolves. You can just back down,

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Q: How do you finish the first WolfQuest?
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How do you play wolfquest 2 slough creek?

You must finish the first part of WolfQuest, Amethyst Mountain.

How do you unlock quests on WolfQuest?

you finish your other quest

How do you finish the first quest on WolfQuest?

The first quest is to find a mate. You need to visit all three territories before you can meet a disperal wolf, which is the type of wolf that will be your mate.

Can you download the first version of wolfquest?


Is wolfquest coming out the first day of fall?


Can you make babies on WolfQuest?

Yes you can after you find a mate and a den and you finish marking your territory you should have four pups. I hope I helped! :)

Is there a secret den in WolfQuest?

yes and after u finish it u have a flud fat which will give u one damage per attack

How much is wolfquest?

WolfQuest is absolutely free. You can download it at the WolfQuest website.

How do you finish WolfQuest?

it depends on which wolfquest you're talking about. wolfquest 1 has no end, and wolfquest 2 you take care of your pups until you can move to a rendevous site.To Finish First Level On Wolf Quest You Have To Get A Mate!I Will Tell You How To Do This.1. Visit All The Purple Areas On Your Map. Remember To Talk To The Wolf There But They Wont Be Your Mate So Don't Get Worried If They Don't Like You.2. Once You've Visited All The Purple Areas Once And Talked To Each Of The Three Wolves There Then Go To A Purple Area Again And Say You Like Them Etc Etc Until You Can Say "Lets Start A Pack" Keep On Saying That Until They Agree And You Can Name Them. Note That This Might Always Work On The First Wolf You Find.3. When You Have Found A Mate And Named Them Then Save Your Pack/Game And Go Back On But On The Other Level This Time.

How do you growl on WolfQuest?

On the first WolfQuest, you can't growl. In the second one, you can. every 1 is saying that u cant do it on the first 1 but u can on the second 1 we kinda know though not being nasty ok :)

When wolfquest will be for download?

It is already...actually... WolfQuest 2 and WolfQuest 2.5 are available for download now.

How do you download amethyst mountain delux wolfquest?

You can not download previous versions of WolfQuest. But, you can download the latest, WolfQuest 2.5! It can be found on WolfQuest's website(