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We just recently moved my mother into an assisted living facility. When we discussing how we would pay for her care, she indicated to me that my father (who passed away in October of 1995) had a paid up life insurance policy with Aetna Life. As I have been unable to locate the policy, is there a way that I could find out if there are any benefits available for her?

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I worked for Pathmark Stores Inc.,from 1970,to 2003. I understand that my pension included a paid up life insurance policy with Aetna for $7500. Please confirm. Jeffery Richardson 09/01/1944. e-mail,

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I worked at Navistar from 10/70 till 1/2003. I understand there may be a paid up life insurance policy benefit that I could cash in.

Ronald Lynn Cole 1/13/1946

clock number 15584

517 E Church St

Urbana Ohio; 43078

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Q: How do you find out about a old paid up life insurance policy issued by Aetna Life Insurance?
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