How do you fall asleep when your not tired?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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One way to fall asleep really quickly is to read. Just read and read and read and read. After that if you really can't sleep just close your eyes and think of, or recite a poem. If THAT doesn't work, than close your eyes and get comfortable. Then, challenge yourself to stay completely still. Don't move at all. If you get bored, than smile and think about what your going to do the next day.

Sweet Dreams!

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Q: How do you fall asleep when your not tired?
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How do you fall asleep when not tired?

You really are tired

How can you fall asleep when you are not tired?


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You can read a book until you fall asleep or you can draw and let your mind flow but if you are tired just fall asleep.

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How can you fall asleep when your not tired?

Take a sleeply Pill!

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this is usually narcolepsy