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WolfQuest 3 isn't out yet, 2.5 is still being worked on, and the WolfQuest team hasn't said anything about a new WolfQuest coming out after 2.5.

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You can’t install it you can only install it if your on pc or Mac

Or windows

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Q: How do you download and install WolfQuest 3?
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How do you download amethyst mountain delux wolfquest?

You can not download previous versions of WolfQuest. But, you can download the latest, WolfQuest 2.5! It can be found on WolfQuest's website(

How do you get wolfquest with no install?

Unfortunately, the only way to play WolfQuest is to install it.

When wolfquest will be for download?

It is already...actually... WolfQuest 2 and WolfQuest 2.5 are available for download now.

How do you download Episode 2 of Wolfquest?

At the moment, the wolfquest website is very slow, but Slough Creek is finally out so if you can manage to get onto the downloads page you can go from there. Click on the download icon and install it like you did with Amethyst Mountain.

How much is wolfquest?

WolfQuest is absolutely free. You can download it at the WolfQuest website.

Where do you download Wolfquest One?

You can download Wolfquest One. Link available below.

Where can you play wolfquest for free with no download?

WolfQuest cannot be played on your browser. You must download and install WolfQuest in order to play it; the download is safe, as the game was created on Mac computers and is 100% virus-free. Anti-virus program alerts are false positives unless another malicious source has been detected on your computer. WolfQuest has no malicious add-ons provided you only download it from a reputable source (its own website is guaranteed to be safe).

Is WolfQuest free to download?

wolfquest is completely free

How do you download wolfquest slough creek?

its out now so just download wolfquest again and it will update it

Where is WolfQuest sold?

You don't really buy Wolfquest you have to download it.

How do you play wolfquest without downloading?

You must download WolfQuest to play it.

Can you download wolfquest on a nintendo3ds?

No. WolfQuest's engine does not support portable devices.