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You dont.

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Q: How do you delete your aqworlds account?
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How do you lock AQWorlds account?

to lock accounts delete it in manage account

How can you delete your account in aqw?

Be very careful about deleting your account. AQWorlds account deletion is permanent and there is no way to recover the account. Log into the account manager from the AQWorlds home page. It's under "Manage Account" on the left. When logged in, choose "Delete Account" on the left.

How do you delete your aqworlds membership?

you can not

How do you remake an account in AQWorlds?

If You need to delete your account you go to the (Main site) and click on the "Manage Account" on the Account Tab. Log in first. Once you succcessfully log in you will see a button saying "Delete account"You can Create a new account by clicking on Create account near the "PLAY NOW"

How do you get dragonlord class in AQWorlds?

You have to link your Dragonfable Dragon Amulet account to your AQWorlds account.

How do you delete aqworlds toolbar?

You can ask the GM?

Can you give an account in aqworlds?


How do you upgrade your account on AQWorlds?

You pay for it.

How do I delete the account?

Go to your setting press "delete my account" then confirm

How do you delete nimbuzz account?

You can delete your Nimbuzz account can be deleted easily. You can to to your settings to delete. then select the delete account option.

How you get back your account?

for AQWorlds go to help and then click on recover account

How can talk in AQWorlds?

upgrade ur account