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You have to solve the puzzle for each level to get the elevator doors to open and ascend to the next level.

See the related questions area for links to the solution to each level.

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Q: How do you complete all the levels on 100 Floors?
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How do you solve levels 1-100 on 100 Floors?

That's a lot of levels to answer right here, but check out the related link, and you'll find a guide to all of them.

How do you play 100 floors?

You'll need to solve a series of puzzles to complete the levels. They change from level to level, and can vary from shaking your device to clicking certain buttons on the screen in a specific order. Check out the related link for a video guide for all the levels.

How do you complete level 40on 100 Floors?

Turn the volume all the way down. See related link for screenshots.

How do you beat 30 -100 in 100 Floors?

Use all the different skills from the first 29 levels to beat the rest. Think outside the box! See related link below for screenshots.

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How do you complete level 18 on 100 Floors?

You have to keep pushing all the 5 blue square buttons really quickly until you get them to all light up at the same time. See related link for screenshots.

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