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first u get a medication called ad-nose then spay in ur nose (remember to look up) Or: Make sure to keep tissues nearby. roll up a corner of a tissue and put the corner in your nostril and wiggle the tissue and when you feel like you are about to sneeze, then sneeze in a tissue. this is only temporary and do it as much as you want in order to get the mucus out. I hope you find this useful! :)

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Q: How do you clear up a stuffy nose now?
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Does Altoids peppermints clear up your stuffed nose?


How is stuffy nose diagnosed?

When you can't breathe through your "nose-holes", I'd say you had a stuffy nose! Don't start using nose spray!!! You might end up getting addicted to it!!!

Why you get a stuffy nose?

Well you get a stuffy nose when scold is coming up so don't take the chance and take some medicne yours tylia cedeno

Why it is difficult to smell things when you have a stuffy nose?

because your sick...... your airway is more closed up and your nose has mucus building up

How long does a stuffy nose an coughing last if you use nasal spray an cough syrup everyday?

Unfortunately, there is no exact time frame a person can have a stuffy nose or coughing. Even with medicines, the symptoms could last up to two weeks.

What happens during sickness in your sinuses?

Your nose gets stuffy and stopped up. You may get a headache. Your eyes water. And You sneeze a lot.

What disease includes stuffy nose headache and throwing up?

It could, of course, be several things, but it sure sounds like plain old "flu".

Does everyone pick their nose?

Yesnearly every one picks there nose. The reason being is because we get dust and dirt stuck up there (more commonly known as "snobs"), and we have to clear it out now and again.Many people use tissue paper and blow there nose instead.

Can a stuffy nose cause a headache?

well, i am not a doctor, but i can say that from personal experience, yes it does. when you have a stuffy nose and are sniffing it up a lot it can give you a headache. Generally i get a eye ache and a head ache but i guess that it differs with every person! Hope this helps and that you feel better soon :)

What medicine should i take to make stuffy nose go away?

I would suggest a quite strong substance that would probably help well it helped me anyway hope that it will come to use for you

Why do you honk when you blow your nose?

It could be because some people have sinus issues. It is common. When we have a cold as well, sinus pressure makes us think we have a stuffy nose, when we really don't. So when we blow our nose it blocks up and creates a dry and almost honking sound.

What could you do to stop a stuffed up nose?

1. consume vitamin C/citric acid fruits/warm lime or lemon juice. 2. Inhale steam with herbal decongestants- sage leaves, mint leaves, eucalyptus oil or leaves. 3. use mild saline water drops into the nostrils by tilting backwards and then bent forward to flush out the congestion.