How do you check aldrete score?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Scale used to assess recovery from anesthesia. Give 0,1,2 points in each category then sum up to get recovery score.

category 1:
able to move 4 extremities voluntarily or on command = 2 points
able to move 2 extremities voluntarily or on command = 1 point
able to move 0 extremities voluntarily or on command = 0

category 2:
able to deep breathe & cough freely = 2
dyspnea or limited breathing = 1
apnea = 0

category 3
BP plus or minus 20 mmHg of pre-anesthetic level = 2
BP plus or minus 20-50 mmHg of pre-anesthetic level = 1
BP plus or minus > 50 mmHg of pre-anesthetic level = 0

category 4
fully awake = 2
arousable on calling = 1
not responding = 0

category 5
90% SpO2 on room air = 2
needs O2 inhalation to keep SpO2 >90% = 1
SpO2 < 90% despite O2 supplementation = 0

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Q: How do you check aldrete score?
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What is the Aldrete sedation assessment?

The aldrete score is a score of 1 through 10 assessing a patient after anesthesia. Most post anesthesia units use the Aldrete score as a discharge criteria. If a patient's score is 8 or below the doctor must be notified and the patient is not dischargable. The Aldrete score assesses level of consciousness, respirtory status, circulatory status, pain, and nausea.

What is Modified Aldrete Score?

The Modified Aldrete Score is used in post anesthesia care units to determine the oxygen saturation of a patient's blood. A score of 9 or above is required for a patient to be discharged.

When do you chart aldrete score?

Every 15 mins

What aldrete score does a patient need for discharge?


Is the Aldrete Scoring system copyrighted?

Although the Aldrete score was formally registered with the Copyright Office in 2004, ten years after it was first published, it does not appear that Dr. Aldrete has enforced that copyright in any way.

How often should an aldrete score be done in pacu?

on admission into the pacu, 30 minutes after admission into the pacu, and at 60 minutes

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