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Go to Menu, then click Avatar. Go from there by downloading a picture.

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Q: How do you change your pic in transformice?
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How do you change profile on transformice?

By contacting transformice

When did Transformice happen?

Transformice happened in 2010.

When was Transformice created?

Transformice was created on 2010-05-01.

What is the opposite of Transformice?

There will be a game called Transforcats. I guess thats a opposite of Transformice. Signed by Tannermo P.S. Tannermo is my Transformice username.

Where to download transformice hack?

On the internet. But do not hack, it is not nice when you get banned on Transformice.

How do you change your profile picture on my big campus?

i will change my pic using change picture to my wall in also to my profil pic in order to know what is the use of time line.

how do you change you account pic?

Click on a pic that is yours or you are tagged in and click make profile picture

How do you change profile pic on Words With Friends?


Hw can you change hair color on a pic if you know how can you please do it for this pic i want my hair to be black?

this is the pic if u can edited plz

How do you get a Tinkerbell pic for your profile?

Right click the picture, copy it to your desktop, then when you go to change your profile pic, browse to your desktop, choose the pic, it uploads and voila!

How do you change the image for the windows in vista?

If you mean the profile pic for your computer account.(EXP school computer change icon pic) start 2.double click icon pic3.pick your fav pic

How do you can get free cheese on transformice?

To get 20 FREE cheese,type:/facebook and to earn 40 cheese and earings,change your password,click menu and change password