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Q: How do you change the oil on a ezgo golf cart?
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What Type of oil should you use in a 2000 Gas EZGO golf Cart. Can you use a Blended oil?

It is not recommended to use blended oils on a 2000 Gas EZGO Golf Cart. The recommended oil to useÊis regular 10W-30 oil.

How do you check the differential oil on a golf cart?

What type of oil does an EZ GO Golf Cart need for the differential

How do you remove the clutch on an ezgo gas golf cart?

That is a belt driven CVT clutch; so it's all external. Get a manual online--for free--and the exploded view of the CVT clutch will make clear the R&R process.

Can you use 40 weight oil in a golf cart?

Use exactly what the manufacture of the golf cart recommends and nothing else.

Does a g2 Yamaha golf cart have a oil filter?


What will cause gas and oil in my Yamaha golf cart?

There are a couple of reasons for gas in the oil of a Yamaha golf cart. Most likely, it is a stuck float in the carburetor. It could also be caused by a tear in a fuel pump diaphragm.

What type rear end oil in Yamaha 4-stroke golf cart?

oil filter number

How do I check change add the differential fluid in a 1989 Club Car golf cart?

To check or change the differential fluid in a 1989 Club Car golf car you will need to remove the oil cover. Unscrew the bolts and brass fitting.

What type of oil does a Yamaha golf cart take?

SAE 10w30 oil or Yamaha 4 Stroke Engine Oil

Can you use a car oil filter on a golf cart if it fits?

Find the correct number oil filter from the manufacturer , and cross it over to other filters such as Fram ,Wix , even Walmart . If the cross over is for your golf cart it will work fine .

How does oil enter motor on a 2 cycle Yamaha golf cart motor?

i believe they have an oil injection system on these engines

What type oil does a 2012 club car golf cart use?

what is the oil capacity for yamaha g2 colf cart