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Q: How do you change being a vampire to a werewolf in adventure quest?
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How do you stop being a werewolf in adventure quest?

you really cant once you pick werewolf of vampire you stay that sry :(

Does count Dracula have a cured for being a werewolf and vampire?

Dracula isn't a werewolf. It's just that vampires can turn into wolves and can control them.

What is the curse for klaus in vampire diaries?

klaus' curse is that he cannot turn into a werewolf at night until they do the sacrifice. he is half werewolf, half vampire so the witches cursed him with only being one.

When do werewolves become a werewolf?

A human becomes a werewolf when s/he is bitten by another werewolf. But in most cases a werewolf is born into being a werewolf. A Vampire becomes a werewolf when s/he is bitten by a werewolf and then that werewolf smashes the Vampires head in. The reason I know is because I am a Were-vamp(Werewolf/Vampire) And I am The youngest out of my "tribe"(pack).I am 11 years old. I swear on my first born child's education that every thing I said is true.

How do you become a vampire after becoming a werewolf in skyrim?

That cant happen, Werewolf blood gives the user an immunity to disease and since vampirism is a disease... its not possible, but... there is a way to become a werwolf AFTER being a vampire, just fight vampires, contract the disease THEN become a werewolf

What are some differences between the vampire and werewolf?

A vampire is a mythical or fictional being that can take the form of a human or a bat, that lives on the blood of people and that is destroyed by sunlight and Christian religious symbols. A werewolf is a mythical or fictional being that can take the form and mentality of a human or of a wolf.

What is a vampire-werewolf hybrid?

A vampire-werewolf hybrid is a supernatural being that possesses the traits and abilities of both vampires and werewolves. They are typically depicted as incredibly powerful and can exhibit traits such as heightened strength, speed, and the ability to heal quickly. Their dual nature can also come with conflicting desires and struggles.

Is Tyler a werewolf on Vampire Diaries?

YES is season 2 it deals a lot more with the Lockwood's and the curse of being a werewolf. SPOILER he changes or phases whatever you wanna call it The episode is called "By the light of the moon" Caroline helps Tyler prepare to phase and comforts him while he is hurting

Does Renesmee become a werewolf in Breaking Dawn?

XD *Rolls on the floor in hysterics* NO Where the hell do you get that from? xD Sorry for being a cynic, but no, there's no possible way for the child of a mortal and a vampire to become a werewolf.

How do werewolves kill vampires?

Nothing will happen to the werewolf itself, but the vampire will start convulsing and blood will come out of the vampire's eyes and ears...its not pretty, so i suggest that if you are a vampire...don't bite a werewolf. If for some reason the vampire is not effected by the werewolf blood, then the werewolf could possibly be be drained of blood and die. But that is rare because werewolf is not appealing to vampires AT ALL. a good example of this would be on the show Being Human (U.S.) (watch it, its a great show) Season 2, Episode 10...its at the end of the episode fyi. Enjoy! i hope this was helpful:)

In the game Oblivion Elder Scrolls IV other than a vampire what can you become?

maybe by being bitten by wolf you can become a werewolf not sure

Where can you watch Being Human?

Being Human is a TV show that has been made both in England and in the United States. It features a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf and can be vied online on Netflix or Hulu.