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how to changr pick up coil 88 vandura

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Q: How do you change a pick up coil on a 88 GMC 2500 pickup?
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How do you change pickup coil on a 1988 GMC 2500 pick up?

Remove Distributor,remove drive gear,remove shaft,remove pickup coil.

How do you change a pickup destributor?

you must remove the distributor, disassemble unit and replace pick up coil

Can you buy a new 2500 pickup with no engine?

All pick-up trucks come from the manufacturer with engines.

How do you install a pickup coil on a 96 GMC sierra V8?

96 gmc does not have a pick up coil but the coil is monted to the intake removed by two bolts pick up is in the dis. removed by pulling the dis. then by taking a part

What is the air gap setting on a pickup coil for an 1982 dodge ram van with a 360 engine?

1982 318 pick up coil gap

Where is the pick up coil on 1998 Yamaha warrior ATV?

its not exactly a normal pickup but it is under the left side cover

Why 1988 Honda foreman 350 D no spark?

check the pick up coil on the left side cover of the engine they have a stator and a little box that's the pickup coil check if its damage or the ignition coil

Chevy pick up 1500 cranks but does not start no power going to fuel pump new fuel pump and filter fuse good?

it could be in the pickup coil .ive had this problem even if the plugs are fireing the pickup coil controls the fuel injectors also

What exactly is a hall effect switch chiltons vaguely describes it being above the pick up coil in the distributor---you replaced the coil and saw no switch?

Often a pickup coil is mounted inside a distributor to detect the position of magnets on a star wheel. The hall effect switch can be part of the pickup coil or a separate solid state device immediately adjacent.

How do you change a pick up coil on a 1985 Chevy?

if the coil is on the distributor cap,remove cover then disconnect wires from the coil and remove coil. if coil is on engine then loosen the bolt and remove from coil mount

How do you remove the pickup coil from a 1993 Chevrolet S10 4.3 6-cylinder?

remove the distributor cap remove the screws that attach the pick coil to the base of the distributor and replace in reverse order

Do you have to removed the distributor off engine to change pick up coil?

Usually, NO.