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First, get the lost tickets for the dude in the cafe,(they are in the trash can) deliver them to him, he will give you one, then go through the tunnel and finish it. The dude will be there waiting for you and will ask for you to get a job and meet him there at night

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Q: How do you catch the strange man on Counterfeit Island POptropica?
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What do you do in coiunterfeit on Poptropica?

you have to catch a thief on counterfeit island and when you catch the thief you will get a medallion

How do you get the time card on counterfeit island on poptropica?

You talk to the officer when he's at the clown store, after the robbery. You'll get the time card and be able to use it to catch the theif!

What are cheats on the catching art on counterfeit island?

If you mean how to catch the art on counterfeit island you just touch it hope this helps! good luck! :)

How long do you have to catch the stolen art on Counterfeit Island?

As much as you need!

When do you catch the thief on Counterfeit Island?

After you use the timecard (from the Clown Store) and get a photo of the thief, you will chase him on the scooters from the Jazz Club. But you will lose him and go to Early Poptropica Island to see the curator there, and then recover the painting with the key to the Inspector's house.

How do you catch bad people at superpower island in poptropica?

we called police and they catch them

In poptropica Counterfeit Island what do you do after you passed the lassers?

you go to where the scream poster is and jump on top, the police will catch you and will wake up in the police dept. u will take a lie detector test and then go to the museum

How do you catch the thief at night time on counterfeit island?

hang from the light above it

Where is the inspector in Counterfeit Island?

he is under the docks if you are trying to catch him he is at the jazz cafe.

How do you catch the prisoners on poptropica on super power island?


How do you catch the thief while on scooter on Counterfeit island?

You dont you just have to keep up with him.

How do you pass the guards in black widows lare on the island counterfeit on poptropica?

well u should try to catch falling furniture while trying to get on this yellow thingumabob and go near her then she gets captured and you WIN yay