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Find a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, and take it from there.

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Q: How do you become sexually active?
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When someone wasn't sexually active and became when he married you after 4 years does he loose that and become less sexually active?

It happens.

What age do wild horses become sexually active?

about 2

What is oestrus period in relation to animals?

it is a period in animals where they become sexually active

How do values influence a persons decision to become sexually active?

get him hard & put it in & out

What happens when animals go through puberty?

The become sexually active and able to reproduce.

Can you have a pap smear even if you are not sexually active?

No. A pap smear also checks for cervical abnormalities, infections or cancer, and is for all females who are 18+ years of age, or who have become sexually active earlier than that.

If you are not sexually active is it absolutely important that you get the HPV vaccine?

If you are 110% guaranteed to refrain from sex, there is no need to get immunised. If you may or will become active, get the shot.

What age do most girls go on birth control?

Hopefully as soon as they become sexually active, if not before.

What type of food can make you sexually active?

There are no foods that can make someone sexually active.

How can you tell if someone is not sexually active?

You generally can't. There aren't any visible signs of being sexually active or not being sexually active, unless you see them in the act.

Was Albert Einstein sexually active?

Yes. In fact he was extremely active. He was by far the most sexually active scientist of his time.

What does a period enable a girl to do?

Once a girl has begun to menstruate (get her period), then she is able to have a baby and become sexually active.