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you need to collect pieces of paper around the island(counterfeit island).and the that will show you the picture of how the statue should can watch on YouTube for help if you see the walkthrough that person would be collecting the pieces of paper throught it.Hope this Helped......

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Q: How do you beat the statue puzzle in Counterfeit Island?
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What do you do after you beat the guard in the statue room on counterfeit island?

Jump on the light hanging above the Scream to catch the theif and wait for the "investigator" with the police.

How do you beat confedereate island?

There is no such thing as Confederate Island. Its Counterfeit Island.

How do you beat the lava on counterfeit island?

There does not seem to be any lava anywhere on Counterfeit Island. (see related question)

How do you grab a painting on counterfeit?

You click on it. I beat the island.

Is Counterfeit Island easy to beat?

To some, yes probably. However, Counterfeit Island is one of the harder and longer Poptropica islands.

Where is the last part of Counterfeit Island?

beat the black widow

What do you do after you beat Counterfeit Island?

After you beat the island, you play another island.As to what to do after beating Black Widow, you have to go to the Museum Fantastique to get the Island Medallion from the curator.

How do you beat the lie detector on Counterfeit Island?

Just tell the truth.

How do you beat the french island on poptropica?

Counterfeit Island is set on an unnamed French island.(see related solution question)

Where do you find black widow when you defeat counterfeit island?

You beat her. She's in prison.

What is the hardest island to beat on poptropica?

Wimpy Wonderland Red Dragon Island Counterfeit Island Mythology Island Astro Knights Skullduggery

Where is the black widow after you beat Counterfeit Island?

Presumably in jail, although she makes an occasional appearance on Reality TV island.