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you have to go in to the pop art museum and talk to the curator.

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Q: How do you beat the early poptropica part of counterfeit island?
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Where is the lady in early poptropica that you meet to beat counterfeit island?

She is the curator of Museum Fantastique and she is in the Pop Art museum. Go to the lower left inside. (Note that she is only there where you travel to Early Poptropica as part of the quest on Counterfeit island.)

How do you beat the french island on poptropica?

Counterfeit Island is set on an unnamed French island.(see related solution question)

Is Counterfeit Island easy to beat?

To some, yes probably. However, Counterfeit Island is one of the harder and longer Poptropica islands.

How do you beat caunterfeit on Poptropica?

just go on you tube and type in poptropica cheats for counterfeit island. and then you can cheat on it.

How do you get the early Poptropica medilion?

To receive the Early Poptropica medal, you must beat the island.

How do you beat the island with the museum on Poptropica?

The island that includes a museum in the quest is Counterfeit island. (see the related link) There are also museums on Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth Island, Nabooti Island, AStro Knights island, Mythology Island, Steamworks island, Cryptids Island, and Game Show island.

Which Poptropica island takes the shortest time to beat?

Early Poptropica

What is the hardest island to beat on poptropica?

Wimpy Wonderland Red Dragon Island Counterfeit Island Mythology Island Astro Knights Skullduggery

What is the easiest island to beat on Poptropica besides early Poptropica?

reality tv

Where do you find the assistant curator in Poptropica?

first if you have the painting it says go to the museum on early poptropica or if u beat it shes at the museum in counterfeit

What was connecticuts chief products?

how do you beat early poptropica island

What are three easy Poptropica islands?

shark tooth reality TV spy and early poptropica island