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If history teaches us anything, it's that little changes have massive repracussions. FDR started Medicare and now it is the guidelines that all insurance operates under. Immunizations and antibiotics prolonged life and now we have nursing homes and home ventilators. Joymaker rn

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Q: How do decisions now affect us later on in the future in health?
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Do low- fat foods effect your health?

yes , they do affect your health because it weakens your body and later on in your future you will be less active. You end up having weak bones and giving out easily. this definatley affects your health.

How does peers affect your health?

Peer influence has a strong affect on the health of teenagers. At the most vulnerable time in a human being's development, when they are able to start making decisions about what is good for them and what is bad, most teenagers experiment with different substances to some extent, sort of as a test or declaration of their independence from parental authority. The two things that are most commonly tried and can lead to addiction and health problems in later life are alcohol and cigarettes.

Does conflict affect health status and how it affect?

Yes it does sooner or later your dick won't be able to go up! It's happened to me many times :-(

Is it true Making wise nutritional choices during your teenage years will not affect health later in life?

No, it is not true that making wise choices during your teenage years will not affect health later in life. Eating healthy foods as a teenager will prepare you to make good choices in life and will make your body healthy.

When can you use future simple tense?

You can use the future simple tense to talk about actions that will happen at a later time, often accompanied by time markers like "tomorrow," "next week," or "in the future." It is also used for predictions, promises, and decisions made at the moment of speaking.

Can hip displacement affect you in the future?

Hip dysplasia can cause a limp, constant and/or debilitating pain, arthritis, and impaired mobility later in life.

What do we an action or a decision that later serves as an example?

An action or decision that later serves as an example is known as a precedent. Precedents are often used in legal contexts to guide future decisions and establish a standard for similar cases. They can also be used more broadly to influence behavior or shape future actions based on past experiences.

Is it true or false that a cost that will not be affected by later decisions is termed an opportunity cost?

A cost that will not be affected by later decisions is termed a sunk cost.

What is the term to describe when a previous court decision is used in a later case?

The term is "precedent." It refers to how decisions made in earlier cases are used as a basis for deciding similar cases in the future.

A cost that will not be affected by later decisions is termed a?


How can supreme court decisions later be used?

As 'jurisprudence'. Which means that other courts throughout the nation will take them as a lead for their own future decisions. This is not only standard procedure, but also because these courts know that if they go against an earlier Supreme Court decision, they will in the end be overturned if the parties appeal.

What does a ruling become for future decisions once the supreme court rules on a case?

Once the Supreme Court rules on a case, the ruling becomes binding precedent for future decisions. This means that lower courts are required to follow and apply the same legal principles established in the Supreme Court's ruling when deciding similar cases in the future. The ruling sets a legal standard that must be followed unless it is later overruled or modified by a subsequent Supreme Court decision.