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Sit Him down and calmly tell him

^^ this is good advice but there is more to it then that

finding out that your parnter is gay,lesbian or bisextual can be a stressing time

i know from experience because i said somthigns to one of my exparnters that i really shouldn't of when he told me he was gay

i regret that and ive let him know that and even today we are really good friends .. the best way to say it is not just to sit him down and calmy tell him ,yes you have to do that ,but you also have to insure tht he understands that you still love him its just that you feel atraction to other woman .. this might end up in a bad ending but that all depends on, your boyfriends understanding and trust in you , but mostly it ends up being okay because if he is truley and deeply in love with you he knows that, that is who you are and your sticking to it also it can end up being a real turn on for men knowing that (if you are sexually active) they can have other woman during sexual intercourse and both of you enjoying it ;)

i hope this has helped you and anyone else wanting to know

yours sencirly,ladyluxury

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Q: How do I tell my boyfriend I'm bi?
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Who should you tell that im bi first?

You do not have to tell anyone if you don't want to. If you are happy and enjoying who you are then why tell people. Then again if you want to tell someone then tell your girlfriend or boyfriend for starters.

How do you tell your boyfriend that your bi?

first, ask him what he thinks of girls that are bi. if he doesnt mind then let him know. if he does mind then just tell him you wont do anything with a guy or girl to loose his trust:)

How do you tell if im bi?

Means you are sexually and romatically attracted to both males and females.

How do you ask him out?

tell him you know where he lives, tell him you found out by following him home, tell him you need him, tell him you hate him, then say "be my boyfriend?" trust me it worked im now married to my boyfriend!

How do you deal with telling your boyfriend your bi?

Just tell him. I'm Pansexual. I told my friends by saying, "I love everyone."

Im bi but how do I come out to my parents?

just tell them because if they love u ( witch they do) they wiil understand

What is the best way to make a guy hard over im?

Tell them about your bi curious detail.EVERYTIME...EVERYTIME!!

How can you get your boyfriend to stop spanking you im only 14?

Tell him to stop and if he does it again, slap him...

How should i tell my boyfriend im talking to another guy without him thinking that i like him?

just tell ur boyfriend that he is just a friend and that u don't have any feelings for him

Im in love with one of my closest friends but she has a boyfriend and she thinks he may of cheated on her should i tell her how i feel?

if she is happy with her boyfriend then leave her be but if you think that it will benifit her lifestyle or her happieness then tell her

How can you tell if your boyfriend came in you or not?

The only way you can tell if youre boyfriend nutt is when he makes a big moan or he say im come n!!!! Then he stops sexing you and falls asleep

How do you tell your mates im bi?

You can tell your mate that you are bi in a quiet and comfortable location. You can begin the conversation by telling them that you have something important to talk to them about. Be prepared for them to possible get upset, try and stay calm and let them know exactly how you feel.