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Q: How do I get an acting agent and how much does have an agent cost?
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How much do child acting agents cost?

You shouldn't have to pay for an agent to get signed. If an agent wants your child, Then they'll sign them. And then when you get work, the agent will get 10% from your child's earnings.

How much experience do you need to get an acting agent?


How much does a child acting agent cost?

A real acting agent will not charge an up front fee for representing an actor. Most agents don't get paid until the actor gets paid and their earnings are usually around 10 percent of all the actors take home pay.

How much do acting lessons cost?

it cost about 250.00 dollors

Im 14 and love acting. How much do auditions cost?

Auditions shouldn't cost anything! Its if you want to get an agent that's when you have pay but they only take money off you when you earn money otherwise money ain't an issue.

How much does a real good agent cost for acting and singing for a teen like Selena Gomez's or demi lavoto's agent?

nothing. they usually get paid from wat u make during a show or movie.. if an agent tells u to give them money and promises u you will land auditions it is a scam.. Never pay for an agent unless its training. But not for an agent.

Where can you find an acting agent?

Acting agent can be found through online or physical directories. Someone can always contact an acting agent and book an appointment or look at the scheduled auditioned dates.

Were to start acting?

Start with local theatre seriously! then do some research on agents, and acting coachs. if you get an agent you won't have much more to worry about.

How much does it cost to get Ross lynch for a birthday party?

Contact his agent for the cost.

How Can you Get A Agent For Acting and Singing?

By reference from an instructor at your acting school

What will you do if the hapon go here?

How Do you Get an Agent for Acting In Ireland ? Because i am interested in acting but you don't get much opportunity's in Ireland. Please Help or if you no any acting tips/ideas please answer !? x

How can a teenage girl get a small acting job in a movie in nz?

The best way to an acting job is throgh an agent. An agent is the best way. Once you have an agent they'll hook you up with an acting job.