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Ned Kelly was a famous bushranger in Australia. He was famous for the siege at Glenrowan where he held an entire town hostage. The Ned Kelly gang had a shot out with police and Ned was shot twenty eight times in the legs. Ned survived the gun shots but was sentenced and hung in 1880.

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Q: How did Ned Kelly become famous?
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When did ned kelly become famous?

In the 19th Century :)

What are some famous quotes by ned kelly?

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Is Ned Kelly a famous Australian scientist?

No, Ned Kelly was a famous Australian bush ranger not a famous Australian scientist.

Was ned kelly an australian bushranger?

Yes. Ned Kelly was a famous bushranger.

What was one of Ned Kelly's fame?

Ned Kelly is Australia's most famous bush ranger.

Why is Ned Kelly famous for?

Because he is a bushranger

Who are the famous convicts in America?

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Where and when was Ned Kelly born?

Famous Australian bushranger Ned Kelly was born in December 1854 in Beveridge, Victoria.

Is Ned Kelly a famous Australian?

Ned Kelly was a bushranger. He is famous for the armour he had made and wore at the police seige at Glenrowan, in Victoria. He was captured and was hanged in Melbourne.

Who are some old famous people from Australia?

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Who were some famous Australians in the outback?

Ned Kelly

What is the most famous criminal in Australia?

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