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Q: How crack does it affect the body physically mentally emotionally?
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What was Rosa park's famous statement about being tired?

She said that she was not tired physically, or no more tired than I usually was at the end of a working day.

How can crack and cocaine mess with you mentally?


How do you get friends when people think you are mentally disabled?

you have to buy them with crack

Who uses drugs?

Crack Heads/ Mentally ill individuals

Why is Brett Gyllenskog so physically abusive?

He smokes crack.

How will crack affect a diabetic?

how does crack effect a type 1 diabetic

How much crack do you need to smoke before you become a crackhead?

Crack is mentally and physically addictive. A person could become addicted after smoking just a few times. A person who is addicted to crack will suffer from: Weight loss cold chills hives vomiting nausea bad and suicidal thoughts migranes Some people have bad visions and panic attacks, others will pick their skin off. Crack is a very tough addiction to break. If you or someone you know has been smoking crack you should seek help.

What is a non structural crack?

A crack that does not affect load bearing capacity of a structure

How does crack affect you?

it takes your money

Is there any proof that babies born to crack-addicted mothers are physically addicted to crack and where can sources on this topic be found?

Mothers who use cocaine or crack cocaine while pregnant put their unborn babies at risk for all kinds of birth defects and health problems. However, a baby CANNOT be born addicted to crack (or regular cocaine), because cocaine (and crack cocaine) are not physically addictive. There is no such thing as a crack-addicted baby.

Can crack chemicals transfer to another human being during sex?

no this is physically imposible to have it enter another body unless they physically inhale it into you!

How does crack affect your health?

It extends your life by decades.