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Personal hygiene is very important to keep up. A lack of good hygiene will cause you to smell and people will not want to be around you.

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Q: How concerned should one be with personal hygiene?
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Are there any websites that teach personal hygiene?

One of the most popular website to teach personal hygiene is This website carries a wide range of topics on hygiene.

Can one really practice personal hygiene?

Anyone can practice personal hygiene. it can take time to get used to but you'll feel good about yourself once you get the hang of it.

Why should we wear clothes?

For reasons of hygiene and personal freshness. Also, no one wants to be near a scruffy looking person who also smells!

Can your personal hygiene affect you working in the uniformed public service?

Yes it does, personal hygiene is one of the main things they will look for because working in a public service you must represent them and with bad hygiene you dont set the right image.

Why should we wear clean clothes?

For reasons of hygiene and personal freshness. Also, no one wants to be near a scruffy looking person who also smells!

How much water does one city dweller use per day for personal hygiene?

The average person uses 350L just for hygiene purposes in one day.

How do you support an individual to develop personal hygiene routine?

Encouraging an individual in a personal hygiene routine, can include openly acting as a model by mentioning one's own routine. It can also include gifts of products and compliments for improvement.

What is personl hygiene and how important it is?

Personal hygiene can impact on the consumers health and the health of yourself. Opinions can be made on identification of how clean a business and its employees are and how well they maintain that standard. The success of a business balances on the shoulders of each employee and the benefits they provide. Personal hygiene is one of those benefits

How important is personal hygiene in the adoloscent years?

It probably isn't as most of the dirty Little buggers seem to get through it in one piece.

What does it mean to dream of deodorant?

It is not possible to provide a meaningful interpretation based on one detail of a dream. "Deodorant" might refer to an obsession with personal hygiene or its opposite: a lack of personal hygiene. Alternatively, a commercial for deodorant might have been heard from the next room and influenced the sleeper's dreams.

Why hygiene is important for 0-16 years?

Hygiene is important all throughout one's life, however during the critical years of childhood, one's body has not yet built up immunity to many diseases and thus personal hygiene become crucial. By the time one is an adult, one's body has had time to build it's defenses against many diseases and so while hygiene is still very important to one's health, it is generally less fatal.

Should you be concerned if your red eared slider is just staying in one place and not eating?

Yes you should be concerned. There should be a basking area with a temp around 90