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There is no way to stop a menstrual period once it has started. The only time it stops is when there are health issues, pregnancy or Menopause.

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Q: How can you stop your period on the first day?
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Can minigynon stop your period if the does is doubled on your first period day?


If you take the pill when you start your period will it stop?

yes it will stop. i have taken the pill on my first day an its work

If you count your cycle from the day it starts when do you stop counting?

Count from the 1st day of your "Actual" Period From the first day of your last period until your next period, depending on how long your cycle length is. (for example, if your cycle length is 28 days, then the time you start to ovulate is around day 14. but every woman is different). For example, if ur period starts on June 1, then that's Day 1 of ur cycle. The first day of your period is the first day of bleeding, which is the first day of your cycle.

If i take the first birth control pill on the first day of my period will it stop my period?

Nope, sorry. It won't stop it, the only way to only have a period once every three months is to either switch to Seasonal or not take your sugar pill when it comes to that time.

Is it normal to get your period for one day stop then couple days later get it again for one day Or is it spotting or anything to do with pregnancy?

what can i drink to stop my period for one day

What day does your period begin while taking birth control is it once you stop taking the active pills or does it begin when you finish the entire pack including the inactive pills?

The first day of your period will start once you stop taking the active pills.

Do you start your 28 day count from the first day of a period?

You start counting on the first day of your period.

What can you do to stop your period for 1 day?

Once your period has started you can't stop your period, not for just one day, and there is no reason why you should given as there's nothing thatyou can't do during your period. You can delay your period for a day before it starts by taking progesterone medicine such as Norethisterone.

Date when you have your period?

It all depends. It's different for every woman. If you already have your period, then try to mark a dot on the first day (of your period) on your calender then mark a dot every day until you stop. Then determine it by that. If you didn't start, then there is no exact answer.

How do you stop your period on the second day it has started?

You don't.

What begins on the first day of a womens last menstrual period?

The first day of a womans menstrual period is just that - the first day of menstruation.

If you take utovlan on the day your period starts will this stop the bleeding until you stop talin the tablets?

The bleeding will not stop immediatley but will after a day or so.