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Q: How can you sleep longer in the morning?
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Where does REM sleep occur in sleep cycle?

The longest REM cycle occurs in the early morning hours. This is why it's easier to lucid dream on weekends, longer hours of sleep in the morning.

Why should you braid your hair before going to sleep?

You should do this because when you take it out in the morning it will be wavier. It will have had a longer time to set.

How can you rhyme sleep with morning?

You can't. Sleep and morning do not rhyme with each other.

How many hours should you sleep in the morning?

You should sleep six hours in the morning.

How long do nintendogs sleep On nintendogs?

Nintendogs don't die if you don't feed them, they will last until you put the chip in again and feed them.

Do pythons sleep?

Yes, they sleep early in the morning.

Is it harmful to sleep with wet hair?

No, it is not harmful to sleep with wet hair. However, you might wake up with wispy locks in the morning and it could take you longer to style your hair. Your pillow will also get wet which may disturb your night's sleep.

When does a penguin sleep?

in the morning

How do you get early in the morning?

sleep at p.m.

Are shadows longer in the morning or at midday?

Shadows are always longer in the morning. At midday, the shadows are the smallest.

The dogs habitually sleep in the morning play in the afternoon and eating in the evening?

The dogs habitually sleep in the morning, play in the afternoon, and eat in the evening.

Do guinea pigs sleep?

Yes, they do. They sleep in the morning,but you might not see them. & also, they sleep with their eyes closed.