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squeeze the juice out of lemons and drink it.

sit in a hot bath, as hot as you can take it. then sit in a really really cold bath.

take ibuprofen,


go on a run... seriously!

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Q: How can you quicken your period to end faster?
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Does riding a motorcycle help to end your period faster?

Riding a motorcycle doesn't help to end your period faster.

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"Step on it" means to quicken it up, hurry up, be a little bit faster, your too slow.

Ways to get your period to go away faster?

Your period will go away when it is ready to do so. Your period is a process your body has to go through, it's not something you can force to stop before it is due to stop. Relax, there's nothing you can't do during your period and no reason to force it to come to an end faster.

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Actually if you exercise more the heavier it is. Because I was at volleyball camp and on my period it made it heavier. 2.14.11 Exactly! Even though it made your period heavier, more blood left your body and ultimatley shortened your period.

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How do you get off your period faster?

eat the period blood