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at the part where you blow it up Take a piece of tape and place it over the outside of the balloon. Poke the needle through the tape and through the surface of the balloon. The balloon will not pop because the surface of the balloon cannot expand, thus popping the balloon.

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Q: How can you put a needle in a balloon without popping it?
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How do you put a pin in a balloon without it popping?

See the relevant link below to a WikiHow tutorial .

Why doesn't a balloon pop with a needle through it?

A balloon bursts when the surface tension of the balloon's rubber is broken. If tape is put on the balloon and a needle inserted, the surface tension is held together by the tape.

How does a balloon not pop when you put a skew stick through it?

Prepare the balloon by placing scotch tape on opposite sides. You can push the skewer through without it popping but you need to pop the balloon soon after pulling the skewer out because it will loose air. You can make that part of the act--to demonstrate that it is a real balloon and to "hide the evidence".

How to avoid a popping sound from a filled balloon?

There are two ways to avoid a popping sound from a filled balloon: 1. closing your ears tightly 2. putting earplugs on your ears. I usually do #1 to avoid a popping sound from those freakin' balloons. The President should ban the balloon popping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, when a balloon's circumference is about 10 inches and the length is 31 centimeters, I would run 10 kilometers away. When I put earplugs, they always come off. So, go get yourself a balloon and stab it with a knife! Just kidding.

What are some ideas for balloon popping games?

Balloon popping games include giving everyone a balloon which they tie to their ankle, and the objective is to burst others' balloons without letting your own get burst. Another game is to put slips of paper with either Sweet or Sorry into the balloons and then blow them up, after which everyone gets 30 seconds to pop as many balloons as possible and collect their rewards at the end.

How do you blow up a basketball with no needle?

it sounds crazy but put the soccer,basketball in the microwave i'm not sure how long so try it for 20 seconds and if needed add more another way is to use a balloon. blow the balloon up then add the needle to the balloon make sure you don't let any air out. then put the other end of the needle in the ball and let the air out i saw this in a video. it works

How do you pump up a basketball?

you need a balloon and a needle like a pump needle or a cooking needle. blow the balloon up to the max and use a paperclip to keep the air in the balloon. then cut off the tip of the balloon. afterwards use it to keep the needle in the balloon then put the needle in the ball take the clip off and wait. it might not inflate it all the way up but it will do some good until you get a real pump.

How do you do the ninth level on popopop?

Put the balloon by the red stack and it will bring up the lightening. wait til it aims at the needle and once you get those pop the rest with the needle.

Why don't balloons pop when pricked through tape?

The tape acts as reinforcement and prevents the hole from the pin to become a rip that bursts the balloon. Without the tape stuck onto the balloon the needle prick would allow the rubber tension to rip itself apart because of the air pressure stretching the rubber which would be in tension. The tape stops the balloon being able to split and so it doesn't burst. It used to be a kids trick to put 2 pieces of tape on opposite sides of a balloon and then push a long knitting needle right through the balloon without bursting it.

If I put balloons in the hot car is there any way to decrease the chance of them popping?

As the temperature of the air in the balloon increases, it expands causing the balloon to stretch and eventually pop. The only ways to prevent the balloons from popping in the hot car would be to either put less air in them or find a way to make sure they don't get too hot by maybe putting them in the trunk out of direct sunlight.

How do you pierce my ear without a needle?

you can pierce your ear with a needle by burning it and put alcolhol in your ear for 5 to 10 minutes and get the burned needle and stick it in there

How much air is in balloons?

There should be something on the balloons packaging with that informateion but just get a bike pump and blow the balloon up as much as you can then sick the needle of the bike pump in the balloon and there is your answer. As much as you can put in without making it burst. The nature of the material (its elasticity, durability, porosity...), its thickness, the engineering and design of the balloon, and the use to which it will be put all go into determining how much air a balloon will hold. Meteorological balloons don't do too much expanding. Their job is to stay strong and functioning for as long as it takes to gather all the information it is meant to gather.