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By not having sex.

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Q: How can you protect your virginity?
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What does the greek goddess Artemis protect?

She protect's her privacy and her virginity.

What does it mean to protect a womans chasity?

Chastity is a vow of sorts, most likely meaning the vow of virginity, and to protect that would mean to protect her vow of virginity, or innocence.

Who is Apollo's allie?

His older twin sister, the goddess Artemis. She would avenge him if he was insulted. He helped protect her and her follower's virginity.

Its not only Bellas soul that needs protection Edward also protects her from herself Yet he also tries to protect something else throughout Eclipse And its something they both have in common?

In the book he also tries to protect his and hers virginity's !

What trinh mean?

it means virginity it means virginity

How can I do virginity hot?

What prostitution use to tight their virginity

Has justin biebers girlfriend lost her virginity?

No, she has not lost her virginity

What is the duration of The Virginity Hit?

The duration of The Virginity Hit is 1.43 hours.

Did mindless behavior losse their virginity?

NOOO!!!! They didn't loose their virginity.

How do you use alum potash to retrieve virginity?

Your virginity is gone, sorry.

When was The Virginity Hit created?

The Virginity Hit was created on 2010-09-10.

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