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Q: How can you prevent asllergic reaction?
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What does the cortical reaction prevent?


Why Hcl is use diazotisation process?

it is used to prevent the backward reaction

Why the addition of Na2CO3 KSCN in the iodometric determination of Cu 2?

Na2CO3 is added to prevent oxidation of cu+ ions which are repeatedly formed by reaction of Cu++ and I-.So, to prevent oxidation co2 is used in retarding reaction

Why is important to prime IV line with saline before giving blood?

to prevent a reaction

How can you prevent sweating?

Ummm sweating is a natural reaction from your body to keep you from overheating. I am pretty sure there is no way, or at least no safe way, to prevent sweating.

How does salt prevent decay?

Salt helps prevent decay by drawing moisture out of food, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and microorganisms that cause decay. This process, known as osmosis, creates an environment that is less hospitable for these harmful organisms, preserving the food for longer periods of time.

Why you should not massage after insulin administration?

Do not massage to prevent rapid absorption which may result to hypoglycemic reaction.

What is the function of sulphuric acid in the experiment of enzyme activity?

H2SO4 is used to denature the enzyme and stop the reaction instantly. by adding H2SO4,it will prevent further reaction of the enzyme onto the substrate and the rate of enzyme reaction can be measured in the specific time

Why does oil spread on a pan?

Oil spread on a pan due to a reaction with the metal of the pan. This reaction causes the oil to spread and make a coating on the pan. This helps to prevent foods from sticking.

Which would prevent a system from forming a dynamic equilibrium?

The products and reactants don't remain in contact throughout the reaction.

Is baking powder a acid?

It contains both an acid and a base component. The acid is in salt form to prevent it from premature reaction.

Do alkali metals react with oxygen?

Yes, extremely well, They are usually stored in a parafinic oil to prevent reaction with air