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You can earn diamonds by finishing certain quests. The reward on these quests are diamonds. Or of course by buying them in the store. (I don't recommend that. It's not worth it. You can go on the game without ever using diamonds.)

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Q: How can you earn diamonds in tap campus life?
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How do you earn a star on tap zoo?

You cannot earn stars on tap zoo. You need to buy them through the app by paying real money.

How do you get credits in tap tap revenge 3?

Go to the store. Tap games. Download any app. Paid apps earn you more. 100 credits equals 2 songs

How do you earn stars on tap zoo?

You can tap the coin or star sign on the top right hand corner and download apps for free or pay for them

Why do glass cutters use tiny diamonds as tools?

Because the diamonds are harder than the glass and can cut a 'score' into the surface of the glass, so that with a light tap, the glass separates along the 'score'.

How do you get all tap tap revenge 4 songs?

You have to earn points by playing and the shop with your points. You can also buy points and buy songs with real money

How do you get bells on tap zoo santa?

You have to buy them for real money or you can earn them by clicking on the bell icon.

Why is tap essential for life?

It's not.

How do you earn bones on tap pet hotel?

You have to buy but if can't then save all your coins then it will convert in to bones

How do you urn treats on tap pet hotel?

simple. you cannot earn treats without overpaying for something.

How do you get into the shop on Drawn To Life?

Tap on the Shop

What are the release dates for Life on Tap - 2008?

Life on Tap - 2008 was released on: USA: April 2008 (New York City, New York)

How do you put stuff in storage on campus life?

Tap on the object you want to store, then press the moving button in the bottom left corner that appears. Once you do that same button will change into a storage button press it and your object will be stored.