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On or near the floor, between the drivers seat and drivers side door, there will be a protruding electrical inlet (usually grey in colour). A mechanic has the means to plug a contol box into that inlet, and can alter the settings of the speed governor, which includes leaving it wide open. The process itself should only take about ten minutes or less, but you will need to go to a GMC dealership to have this done, unless you can find a third party mechanic who has a compatible control box.

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Q: How can you disable the speed govenor on a used GMC Penske truck that you purchased?
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The speed governor is factory set and factory altered. If the owner desires to increase speed the governor can be purchased with out limits.

How do you bypass the govenor on a 1996 Mercury Cougar XR-7 V8?

It does not have a govenor. Speed is computer controlled.

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There is no govenor.

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Use a tacometer drive the governor round with an electric drill and measure the speed the govenor trips. lift govenor speeds are factory set

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top speed is about 108 mph with a govenor

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Usually a dirty carb ,but an inproperly adjusted carb can do it also . ******* it can also be the govenor setting in engine they are usually an oil bath govenor check your oil and if no luck you will have to adjust your govenor linkage*******

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There is no govenor there is a speed limiter in the onbord computer program and must be reprogrammed or removed with a chip such as a hypertech chip or superchips programmer.

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the 1994 oldsmobile lss has both the computer controlls the govenor

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By reprogramming the engine ECM.