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Low libio can threaten a relationship, so ways to fix it include going to your physician for medical advise, looking back in time and seeing when your libio was high and see what different then and now.

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Q: How can people fix a low libido?
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How do I know if I suffer from a low libido?

Some symptoms of Low Libido are: Disinterest in Intercourse, Inability to Climax, Avoidance of Intimacy, Lack of Sexual Thoughts, and Erectile Dysfunction.

Are straight men with high libido more likely to engage in gay sex than straight men with low libido?

No, they are not.

How does Muira Puama alleviate low libido in women?

Muria Puama can alleviate low libido in women just by taking it and replacing the lost horomones that some women have lost. Many times it is not the low libido that cause women not to have sex it is all the cleaning and chores she has to do around the house that wears her out.

What is a low libido?

Libido is your sex drive, in other words, your desire to have sexual intercourse. If you have a low libido, it just means that you don't really care if you have sex or not. It is not a reflection on your sexuality, your manliness (or femininity); it simply means you aren't turned on all the time.

How do you approach your boyfriend about seeing a doctor for his low libido?

If he has discussed his low libido with you then you should feel free to talk to him. Many things can cause low libido such as diabetes and other diseases, plus some medications such as antidepressants, etc. There is help for him through his doctor. Get some information off the web and let him read it. He may act disinterested, but, people are curious with a "need to know" attitude. He'll read it. Tell him you are there 100% and that low libido is common and can strike a male at any age, but it's curable. Good luck Marcy ****** The livido is cyclical, with periods of highs and lows. It is normal for people to go through periods of low or high sex drive. In addition, simple emotional states such as stress, in addition to medication or medical ailments and getting older can cause a decrese in sex drive.

Is a man cheating if he has a low libido for you?

Low Libido means that there is low sexual desire or low sexual performance. Libido has no direct indication of fidelity or even attraction.Having diabetes; Low Testosterone, High Estrogen, thyroid problems, antidepressants and even Cholesterol meds, heart problem or other diseases can all cause low libido. If the person is depressed and on antidepressant medication this can also lower their libido. Even Anxiety, depression alone without medication can cause low libido.Since you obviously have had a sexual relationship then you should feel comfortable with opening up and discussing this problem with him. Make sure it is a conversation, not accusations or confrontation, there is a very real likelihood that he is having a hard time coping with some very scary issues for a man.Listen to what he has to say and don't always jump to conclusions that low libido (change in sex habits) means the person is cheating on you.Could be that he isn't stimulated by you anymore or is harboring resentment over changes in your relationship. Death in the family, adding a child, financial or job related probles can all kill libido.Low Libido can be physical, mental, societal, hormonal or relationship based. Confrontation is the worst approach.

Would low testosterone in a 23 year old male cause him to have a lacking desire for sex?

If a man has a low level of testosterone, it could cause him to have a low libido (desire for sex), but there are many other causes. If you feel that your libido has decreased recently and it is bothering you, you should consult your physician to determine and correct the cause.

About Libido in Kubek and people in there?

The Kubek Ðrainy love is a romantic love song that many people listen to. To determine the effects of the Kubek- rainy love and libido in people is hard to say. Ones libido or sex drive is usually determined by hormones but can be influenced by music. So the number of people affected by this song is hard to determine.

Is intimacy a casualty of depression?

Yes. A depressed persons libido is very low, often non-existant.

Why does a woman have no libido?

Women do have a libido!

How to cure low libido in women?

Get a check up with your doctor. It could be caused by stress, illness. medication, depression or other reasons. There are a number of natural foods that enhance the libido too like strawberries and chocolate.

How do you live with a partner with low libido?

You send them to the doctor. It could be caused by stress, illness, medications, or other reasons.