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Q: How can a woman please herself sexually?
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Can a woman become sexually additcted to you if you can please her in bed?


What actors and actresses appeared in Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied Woman - 2005?

The cast of Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied Woman - 2005 includes: Laura Berman as herself

How does a woman sexually torture herself?

ask your mother, she'll give you a hands on lesson(;

Where does a woman touch to please herself?

a mans wallet.

How can a woman please herself sexually fast?

Depends on the female, since most females do differ at what length they orgasm. However, doing whatever you are doing as fast and as pleasurable as you can would probably lead to a quicker orgasm.

Why does your boyfriend like to please you sexually but won't let you please him in anyway?

Answer Maybe it's time to ask him his reasons. Not for the life of me can I understand a man not wanting to be pleased by a woman.

How does a Man and woman couple best proposition a bi girl to join their relationship sexually as well as emotionally?

by saying please and thank you

How can I please myself sexually as a 20 year old woman?

Well as a 20 year old woman u can still masturbate or use a toy. Age dosnt matter

Can woman satisfy woman sexually?

If they are lesbians yes.

What makes a woman a lesbian?

A woman who is not sexually/physically attracted to men, but is sexually/physically attracted to women, is a lesbian.

What does a sexually extravagant woman mean?

a woman that is totally extrordinary

How can you be sexually pleased?

Depends, are you a woman?