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Q: How can a person's sexuality affect their health and well-being?
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How does sexuality affect health?

It doesn't.

How does a disability affect peoples health and wellbeing?

Depending on what the disability is, is how it can affect your health. It can affect your health in many ways, google it you will get better answers than this crappy website '')

How does internalizing feelings affect mental health?

internalising feelings lead to stress and depression which inturn affect our physical, social and mental wellbeing of individuals. Mental health is a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing not just the absence of disease.

Good friends are good for your health?

When people have good strong relationships with other people, they tend to feel fulfilled, happy and optimistic. They have something to look forward to, someone to look to when needed. All these feelings put together boost a persons wellbeing. A persons wellbeing is part of their health. If someone is happy most of the time they will obviously be healthy, bright, able to learn in school/do work etc. If someone is always sad because they dont have good friends, or they have bad friends, it affects their health as well.So yea, having good friends can affect your health greatly in a good way.

How would a lack of villi affect a persons health?


How a positive approach to ageing can contribute to the health and wellbeing of an individual?

How a positive approach to ageing can contribute to the health and wellbeing of an individual

What factors affect health and wellbeing and development of individuals and key people?

The factors that affect well being includes: Physical factors psychological factors Social factors Spiritual factors

How do the applications of microscopes affect on the persons life?

better health care for one

How does sexuality affect the health?

When a guy sticks his Location into a girls Destination They create a vast population which is good Sex is good

What are some similar meaning for health?

wellness wellbeing

How does injury affect a persons health?

Type your answer here... by hurting them and injurying them and makeing them unconshis

What are he comporenent of health wellbeing?

Health and wellbeing are achieved through several different factors. The most commonly used model is one that includes body, mind, emotion, and spirit.