How can Goblins hurt people?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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They eat people. Which would mean they are gobblin' them up :)

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Q: How can Goblins hurt people?
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How do the goblins in the hobbit use technology for evil?

Goblins build devices that are designed to hurt many people at once. They hate everyone, so they want to hurt everyone and make it as painful as they can. the "ingenious" inventions they build do no good for anyone, they just do bad

How are the Nazi people similar to the goblins?

They are not 🚫🐉

What is Killantzaroi?

Goblins and sprites that terrorize the people of Greece

Do goblins kill people?

No. but they could if they want too

What is a Group of goblins called?

a grund of goblins According to the New World Encyclopedia: 'A group of goblins is referred to as a "horde."'

Is there such thing as goblins?

No, goblins are fictional creatures.

What is the goblins' fear?

The fear of goblins is Gobliophobia

What is the fear of goblins?

The fear of goblins is Gobliophobia

People keep on saying that on World of Warcraft cataclysm there will be 2 more races What are they?

The two new races in Cataclysm are Goblins and Worgens. Goblins will be for the Horde while Worgen will be for the Alliance.

Where at goblins villagein rune scape where can you get money?

Killing goblins

When did Ghosts'n Goblins happen?

Ghosts'n Goblins happened in 1985.

Do goblins have claws?