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Its impossible because only your opponent (com:neji) can use it; noone even knows what it does!!!

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Q: How Do you Use Byakugan In Naruto Chronicles 2?
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Can Neji use byakugan In Naruto Chronicles 2?

Can neji use byakugan In Naruto Chronicles 2 ?

How do you get byakugan for Neji on Naruto Uzumaki chronicles 2 on ps2?

You must finish all survivals with Neji

Is Naruto Uzumaki chronicles better or Naruto Uzumaki chronicles 2?

Uzimaki chronicles 2

How do you use Naruto's true rasengan in Naruto chronicles 2?

first you have to buy it, then you put in your skill plate then you can use it just by pushing the special button longer!

When is Naruto part 2?

Part 2 is called Naruto: Shippudden, or Naruto: The Hurricane Chronicles. It has already been released.

When does naruto uzamaki chronicles 2 come out?

it already has

How do you do byakuga on Naruto Uzumaki chronicles 2?

you cannot

Can you play Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles 2 on PS3?


Shukaku Gaara in naruto Uzumaki chronicles 2?


Is Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm better than Naruto Uzumaki chronicles 2?

No it is not.

How do you use itachi's super attack effectively on Naruto Uzumaki chronicles 2?

use r1&r2 at the same time you idiots.

How do you use Thousand years of death in Naruto Uzumaki CHronicles 2?

square triangle square triangle or you just use sharingan.